Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Once a Shop Girl... Always a Shop Girl!

This year has not only been a year of rejuvenation for my garden, but for me as well. While working from home was a wonderful experience I found I missed being a shop girl. An extraordinary opportunity presented itself to begin a new shop. So off to Atlanta I went looking for wonderful new finds for Julie O'Keefe Home and Garden!

The Atlanta Gift Show is wonderful a source of accessories for the home, garden, gifts and best of all... inspiration! I just love these Terra Cotta Pot light fixtures. I must create one of these for the new shop.

There is a Vintage Area where it's hard to resist all the great Antiques. I wish those French bakery tins would fit in my suitcase. Makes a great statement on a wall for a kitchen. Industrial salvage is a big influence this show. The wheels in my head are turning!

Jewelry is a huge weakness of mine. Who wouldn't love all these stands of pearls around their neck. This new line of Pure Sanctuary jewelry will be in the new shop for sure.

Focus Julie! Back to what I really came here for. This new garden line is a must. Look at these vases hanging from a wire display. I can envision these at a party where all the guest could take one home. Those would be so fun in the new shop too.

In another favorite showroom, this fabulous stencil would make a very graphic statement. The poem is so charming. Maybe I will actually use the stencil with paint for an inviting entry to a home.

There's even a Band of hysterically funny costumed musicians playing through the floors in one of the buildings. You can't help but laugh out loud. This keeps a smile on my face the rest of the day.

Atlanta is always full of surprises! My room mate coaxed me into something new. A night out for Sushi and Cosmos. This was just what the girls needed after a 10 hour day of hunting and gathering for our shops.

Atlanta is always a worthwhile trip, but there's no place like home! I can't wait to get started. Bring it on UPS!