Monday, June 21, 2010

A June Wedding

It all began with a pair of purple pumps as the inspiration for these beautiful wedding flowers. Ranging in hues from lavender to purple, with delicious creams and bright greens.

At the first meeting to discuss flowers I was given samples of colors in the form of paint chips which I think was a very clever idea. When it came time to select flowers it made my job so much easier. The bride also had fabric samples and a few pictures of bouquets and flowers she liked. The rest was up to me!

After much planning and ordering, market day finally arrived. Starting out at 3am, bright eyed and bushy tailed, I reached downtown hoping all my wishes would come true. I so desperately wanted very special flowers for this occasion. I was stunned, every flower in every color was there. Wrap them up! So far so good.

Home at 6am. With help, all the flowers were prepped and resting in buckets of fresh water by noon. First up... 8 bridesmaids bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres.

I can't wait to see these bouquets with the girls dresses. Love it!

On to the brides bouquets. I've decided to make two different ones for the bride to choose from. Both beautiful, one to keep and one to throw!

I wonder which one the bride will choose?

All the personal flowers are to be delivered tonight. A hard days work and a good nights rest. Tomorrow, 0ver 40 arrangements to be designed and off to the reception by 2pm. Yikes!

Off we go, and on schedule too!

Here at the reception in this beautiful setting there were 30 tables with exquisite champagne colored silk tablecloths. A tent complete with swags of sheer fabric on the ceiling and crystal chandeliers for ambiance.

Arrangements were placed on the tables, in the home and reception area. A private collection of mercury glass and wire vases were used. This always creates a more intimate feel. Here are just a few.

The finishing touch were these flower sacks I designed especially for the wedding. Each one with a pocket to hold a photo of the bride and groom. Each flower sack was filled with fragrant purple sweet peas, hanging from one chair at each table to welcome their guests.
I wonder who will get to take them home?

And they'll live happily ever after!