Sunday, September 5, 2010

From the Ground up!

Going to Atlanta to hunt for all things great for the new shop was the easy part. Coming back to reality and realizing the goal was to open in just a few weeks was going to prove just a little more challenging! August 1st. we were happy to announce "We've got the keys to 1367 foothill blvd in La Canada." This was just a few doors up from the previous shop.

After taking a look around a few things were very clear. This was a much smaller location than the last shop. This was just fine. I felt I needed a much more manageable space. It has big front windows filling the location with sunshine. Lastly we would need to take down the mirrored monster and paint the entire shop walls and the floors as well. I needed a blank canvas to start!

My inspiration for the shop colors were a beautiful remnant of European Grainsack fabric. This was the look and feel I was so attracted to over and over again in Atlanta. Not to mention I love to collect old textiles. The colors I chose were Greek Villa for the walls and Sealskin for the floors.

Doing all the work ourselves, my husband Brian gets the Husband of the Year award for tackling this project. It took nearly a week from start to finish. Meanwhile I was painting, painting and more painting! Brian really pitched in when I came down with a nasty summer bug and my arms were ready to give out.

The result I was looking for was perfect. Crisp clean walls and the floors the color of 85% dark Valrhona Chocolate. Oh Yum!

It's time to start moving in. First I need to make the outside look like somthing belonged here. And... I hadn't gardened in over 2 weeks. Now I had a different Bug, The Gardening Bug!

With an over abundance of Terra Cotta pots at home into the moving truck they went. All filled with white roses of different varieties, I spruced them up with some summer annuals and herbs that could take the summer heat. Little did we know over 100' temps were on their way! Too many Pots in front of the shop? Who cares, I love it!

Aside from a few favorite Pine cupboards saved from the previous shop all my collecting has finally paid off. My love of garden furniture will now all be put to good use in the new shop. I'll also mix in the new furniture pieces from the Atlanta show that will be for sale. Brian's definitely been working to much. Silly Guy!

With 1 week to go before we open the UPS man is nowhere in site. I just keep waiting, very impatiently I might add. It's one thing to order the goods, but another alltogether to actually receive them in a timely manner. What's the one word a merchant never wants to hear"BACKORDER" Oh goody here he comes! It's going to take quite a bit more than one dolly full to fill up the shop!

Down to two days to go until the shop opens. My Topiary order arrived and I've been the mad potter! Still waiting for more merchandise to arrive. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!

The day before the shop's to open so much more arrived. I think it's the chair I've been waiting for don't you? Along with the tables and lamps and some other wonderful items tomorrow will be a good day. It's off to the flower market at 3am to put the finishing touches on the shop. What would my shop be with out a beautiful fresh arrangement of flowers to greet you on opening day!

Julie O'Keefe Home and Garden opened on Wednesday August 18th. All I have to say is" Good Thing Come in Small Packages" and" It feels Like Home to Me".

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