Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Story of Big Black!

I'm telling this story simply because a few nights ago Big Black disappeared for 3 days. Then she returned! Where did I find her... Meowing on top of the greenhouse! Tears of Joy, I thought she was gone forever!
A few years back , a beautiful big black cat would hop the wall to our back garden for a visit. Stay awhile, always keeping her distance. Surely, she was someone's pet.

She was a funny cat, with her big furry hind legs that reminded us of the pantaloons of a Russian dancer. She looked silly when she ran, with her hind paws that faced outward. She was as fast as lightning!
One day two young kittens showed up in the garden, played all day and then they were gone.
I called them "My Little Garden Sprites". This happened a few times, with Big Black always present, at a distance. I was sure she had brought them by to share!

One day Big Black decided to just Stay. She had chosen us. I think she had been hunting for a new home for a while!
This created a problem for us! We already had a Beautiful kitty! Dinky was going on 14 years old and was not going to accept a new creature into her domain!

Big Black was never allowed in the house, until one rainy night my soft heart opened the sliding door for her to come inside and spend the night. She was here to stay!

With trust and patience Big Black became a very affectionate kitty. My husband Brian and I felt she had been terribly mistreated by some of her behavior. She always knew that Dinky was the
#1 Kitty

On the night of August 15th, 2009, My beloved Dinky was carried off by a Coyote. No one should ever have to witness this as I did. My heart was truly broken.

Well guess who became my shadow, my constant companion, with a mission all of her own?

I'll never forget the first time Big Black tenderly curled up on the couch beside me while I was napping. She brought me gifts, mostly birds and mice. How sweet of her! Slowly but surely she was mending my broken heart.

You often hear of people rescuing animals... Well, Big Black rescued me. Our favorite place to spend time together is in the garden. If I am there , she is to . Always close by! I love Her!

After all the Garden is where we met...The End.