Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Day At The Getty

I Recently spent the day at the Getty Museum with my friend Sally. I'd never been, and living in Southern California I decided it was time to start taking advantage of all the great Museums around us! Going to see the Life and Luxury in Paris sounded Intriguing!
Beyond these doors was a Beautiful Exhibit. Of course there were no cameras allowed. This lovely French quote greeted us at the entrance.

A Cheerful House!
Furnish it with Taste and Propriety, Such that Everything in your Home Breathes of You.
Have Good Food, Books, Instruments, Good Friends, and Pleasant Company!

This Fresh Orchid Arrangement Caught my Eye as we Entered the Restaurant. Lunch was Relaxing and Delicious with an Incredible View!

After Lunch the Gardens Awaited us!

At the Entrance was this Giant Sculpture Trickling Fountain! Looks like a giant Urn!

On the way down was a Zig Zag Path with Artistic Plantings and a Stream of Jagged boulders.

Reaching the Central Garden were these Magnificent Trellis, made from all things, Re-Bar! . The Bougianvillea grew up the Center and Cascaded out over the Top.

Here's the View Standing Underneath!

I just Loved this Idea. I'm going to Create a much Smaller Version at Home with a Climbing Rose! Just show you how Huge they were......

Look..... There's Sally!

The Floating Garden was Jaw Dropping Beautiful!

Time to go Home now, Down these step Filled with Sun Loving Plants in Giant Pots and this Sun Bathing Sculpture!
There's so much more I could share , as these are only a few highlights of our day! Take the time and go enjoy for yourself!

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  1. I need to visit if only to see that floating garden! Amazing, thanks!