Wednesday, April 28, 2010

For the Love of Gardening

This Spring my garden is amazing . As I walk around with my clippers in hand, the question I keep asking myself is ... To cut or not to cut? As beautiful as the flowers are outside I want to bring them indoors to enjoy as well.

My style has always been very casual with what I feel are very romantic flowers. As a florist and a gardener my desire for the garden was to grow not only beautiful flowers and plants , but varieties that would last well after cutting and arranging. A delicious fragrance is always a must!

Freshly cut Snowballs

Here, these sweet peas in a pot are just ready to burst. Way ahead of all the sweet peas up in the terraced garden. My secret...lot's of fish emulsion as a fertilizer.

In one of my very first blogs I began to bring my garden back to life by pruning my roses back hard and adding alfalfa and compost into the soil. They did not disappoint. Just beginning to bloom, here are a few of my favorites.

Climbing Colette Rose

Golden Celebration Rose

Fair Bianca Rose

In the process of rejuvenating my garden I realized we all need something to nurture, and love. Something that reaches our soul and brings us to a place of happiness. This is what gardening does for me. I can't wait to go outdoors every morning when I wake and see what's blooming next. That is of course after huge amount of coffee!


My husband Brian gets all the credit for taking all these beautiful photos of our continued work in progress. Who, by the way is also a fabulous gardener and always full of love and support.

This rose is Love and Peace. My wish to you all!

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